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Senior Copywriter at Stance
San Clemente, CA, US
Stance’s brand has been built primarily on our visual creative. Our look and feel is what we are known for, but as the brand has matured and we begin to reach more consumers digitally, the need for more effective and cohesive copy across all of our channels has intensified.

We are looking Senior Copywriter to help shape and communicate our brand through compelling copy. This person should be well-rounded enough to build a messaging hierarchy for all aspects of a marketing campaign, but we are particularly interested in someone who is exceptional at three things: 1) listening, assimilating and analyzing data and insights to formulate the right copy strategy, 2) producing superior short form copy like slogans, taglines, and ads, and 3) bringing a unique perspective to our product marketing in particular, so that the way we speak of product is as unique as how we look.

This person will be part of the Creative team and report to the Creative Operations Manager. S/he will work in joint partnership with our creative and marketing teams to help concept, and then s/he will spend most of their efforts in writing and producing content for our direct-to-consumer channels (Stance.com, digital acquisition, catalogs, and our retail stores).

As the Senior Copywriter, you will:

Craft messaging hierarchies and copy for our brand and key seasonal campaigns
Produce ad copy for customer acquisition efforts
Produce copy for key sections of the website
Craft short and long-form copy to highlight product benefits
Generate creative ideas to build innovative campaigns
Amend, revise or redevelop adverts or campaigns in response to feedback from category marketing directors
Lead the charge on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines

We are looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications:

Minimum of 4 years experience in a copywriter role
Significant experience in writing strong, succinct copy
Strong understanding of e-commerce and how people discover content online
Previous ad agency or brand creative experience
Deep interest or passion in one or more of the subculture(s) we celebrate
Great communication skills and a flexible personality that can adapt to the needs of the business
The ability to work to strict deadlines without compromising on work quality

Culture and Comp:

Stance is a happy place with employees who love what they do and who they work with every day. In addition to competitive compensation and generous benefits, Stance employees have access to an in-house trainer and state of the art gym, daily fitness classes, breakfast and lunch prepared by in-house chefs, surf board checkout, and company cultural events that inspire our minds and our hearts. It's a set up that's all about helping you find flow.