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Night Shift Technical Support Specialist at Teem
Salt Lake City, UT, US
About the Company:

To handle our rapid growth and support our global clients, we’re looking to add amazing new talent to our team. We believe in collaboration—we work hard together and we have fun together. It’s a team thing and we like it that way. We want someone who is self-driven, detail-oriented, consistently achieves their goals. We need that gregarious, technically minded person. Sound like you? Awesome, keep reading.

About the Role:

Teem is looking for a high-energy, self-starting, organized, blah, blah, blah… Here’s the deal - We need somebody that we think is awesome and works hard to be a major contributor on our Technical Support team. In as few words as possible, your main job is to ensure that our product is working properly for all of our customers, and if it’s not, then figure out what’s up and get it working (don’t worry, we’ve got a solid product that works well). This is primarily done through email and chat, with a small number of incoming phone calls as well. You’ll make sure our customers have the help resources at their fingertips, the product works before we ship it out the door, and that they love you because you helped them so darn much. We're excited to bring Support to our global customers, and you will be a big part in shaping how we do that.

How you will rock this position:

Help our customers solve their problems. They’re reaching out to you because something’s not working right and they need some help figuring out what’s going on. When they hear your sweet, fun-loving voice tell them how to make their problems go away, they’ll fall deeper in love with our company and be super happy.
Sometimes people like to help themselves, and they need the resources to do so. You will be making sure our self help documents actually help. You’ll also create walkthrough videos. These should win awards they are so good.
You’ll dabble in Quality Assurance as well. Before we send out our app or deploy code to our servers, you will try and break it. If you can break it, we won’t ship it. And everyone will think you are really smart.
Be a detective. Sherlock Holmes should be your idol. Sometimes our stuff breaks out in the wild. When it does, you need to put on your detective cap and pull out your magnifying glass and figure out what happened. This will be a vital part of what we do.
Understand our products, and how they integrate with calendar systems like a boss. Your boss’s boss.
Be an exchange guru (if you aren’t right now, we can teach you). If other exchange admins start reaching out to you like the Dalai Lama of calendar systems because of your knowledge and prowess, then you’ve really nailed it.
Be cool, have fun and get along with our team.
Be real. Don’t try to be who you think we want you to be. Just be yourself.
Since you'll be spending most of your day representing the company to our customers, we expect you to write well and communicate complex ideas and solutions in a way that our customers can quickly understand
You need to enjoy talking with people on the phone and troubleshooting tricky problems. If you don’t enjoy doing this you should probably look at different job… like working in a corner without any lights on coding stuff.
Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps experience will definitely give you a huge leg up on anyone else competing for this position.
Be scrappy
Play well with others.
Mostly, we need to like you and think you are capable of doing this job.
A quiet workspace (the office is available but you may be lonely)
Reliable Broadband Service (5 down, 1 up)
Our benefits are ballin' out of control. We'll provide you with awesome health insurance with HSA matching. We even have a 401k matching program. It gets even better - we'll give you unlimited paid time off. Un. Limit. Ed. Oh, and if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and ride Frontrunner or Tracks, we'll cover that too. BUT we also have a very RARE PERK to share with you. *Take a deep breath* You'll genuinely enjoy and care for the peeps you work with here at Teem, and they'll probably be your future best friends.

Now pick your jaw up off the ground and apply so you can partake of the goodness you just read about.